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Brace yourself to take a deep dive of my thoughts which involve different waves of emotions. I rarely write these days. Partly because I try hard not to embrace my inner demon and also I have my other online diary which happens to be my twitter. Here is when I wish to write more than 140 characters. I ain't no Lang Leav, but we sure share the same emotions. ;) email me at najmiezamrose@yahoo.com

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010


07.20 : wake up n slowly got ready fer d class.
07.45 : i had my breakfast with no appetite.
08.00 : sharp ! he picked me up n straight to d spot.i got sum tok in d car.tenks a bunch =_=!
08.20 : arrrived at d destination.fill d form.n waiting fer d lecturer.
08.40 : d class had started.it was totally mfull of slipyness..LOL.
11.45 : 15 minutes breaks.and i was alone.wanna go to d toilet but it was lil bit dirty n loaded wif gurls.juz imagin how dirty it can b ryte?
12.00 : d class started n i was getting more n more frustrasted.huh.
01.35 : 1h 10m breaks.i had my lunch n i still alone.start to textin n i fill much btte.tenks gumuks ^^
02.45 : new lecturer n d class was getting more interesting compared to d first one.full of jokes n action wuth his stereo voices.n i laf a bunch i guess.ahaxs.but at d same tyme i was still with my phone.d best company i ever had.my phone n d one i textin ^^ .
03.30 : walaowey,i wanna wee2 la.but i forced myself to hold on coz d toilet,daym ! its dirty n smelly la.huu..
04.30 : finished d class n check d tumbprint to checkaot from d class.waiting n waiting to b sent home..
05.00 : fuhhh~ im homee.weehooo~

*run asap to get to d bathrum*

felt so relieved after that.fiuhh~
so later yaww~

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Learn The Easy Way To Make A Symbol

here r sum tricks i learn from d internet on how to do a symbol :

If you’re using a laptop make sure you press ‘Num Lock’ first! The ‘Num Lock’ button.

Hold ‘alt’ then press 1 – ☺

Hold ‘alt’ then press 2 – ☻

Hold ‘alt’ then press 3 – ♥

Hold ‘alt’ then press 4 – ♦

Hold ‘alt’ then press 5 – ♣

Hold ‘alt’ then press 6 – ♠

Hold ‘alt’ then press 7 – •

Hold ‘alt’ then press 8 – ◘

Hold ‘alt’ then press 9 – ○

Hold ‘alt’ then press 10 – ◙

Hold ‘alt’ then press 11 – ♂

Hold ‘alt’ then press 12 – ♀

Hold ‘alt’ then press 13 – ♪

Hold ‘alt’ then press 14 – ♫

Hold ‘alt’ then press 15 – ☼

Hold ‘alt’ then press 16 – ►

Hold ‘alt’ then press 17 – ◄

Hold ‘alt’ then press 18 – ↕

Hold ‘alt’ then press 19 – ‼

Hold ‘alt’ then press 20 – ¶

Things That I Hate To Do

well,here something for u to copy n paste in ur mind :

1. I hate it when people call me syg without my permission which you wont get it easily ☻
2. I hate narrow minded people thus be open minded with me but not too extreme okay ☻
3. I dislike people who hates other people without reason. awkward aite ☻
4. Please be aware that I like to crack jokes.no offence if u get one too ☻
5. I love to try something new and interesting. eg:bungee jumping,sky diving n so on ☻
6. I love vacation bloody much ☻
7. I would rather stay home than wonder around without any purpose ☻
8. I love to shop so so so much eventho I'm staying nowhere near malls atm. lulz ☻
9. I don't like to be ordered around to do this n that without my willingness ☻

last but not least . .

10. I cant run my life without my family n important people around me ☻

Actually there are more than this but i hate to make long list so just there short one. haha. Those are the short listed things I hate to do. That's enough for today.

drivin lesson gives me GOOSEBUMPS !

i wish i can use a auto car fer d test.LOL.

do not yell at me la

nice teacher will help me do great in the test

im goin to attend d first class on dis sunday.its lyke my dream comes true.but on d behalf,im still afraid i cant pass d test with glory.well,it cost me rm500 that is cheaper than other my sibs ever had.i am lucky i guess.ive got d drivin book that i havent read yet.some says "naa~ dun hav to read it la.its an easy one if u have a good moral n discipline". i hope so.wish me luck yeahh.. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

must WATCH movie !

yesterday my sys n i went to the GSC to watch ALICE IN WONDERLAND 3D.it was kindda cool when Tim Burton manage to finish the new version of dis animation movie.but watchin it using the 3d glasses from my sit was kindda hard since we were too bz to kip our heads up along d showing.sometymes it was uncomfrtble but i still wore it along.well,thats the specialities for paying more.heh.the movie was funny yet have some conflict between the white princess n red princess.well,to have more n specific details about the movie do go to the cinema n check it aot.enaf fer now.dats all :)

the first post ^^

well,dis is my blog.my first blog.my full name is NAJMIE ZAMROSE.i am in d middle age of teenagers that i m 18.i am currently in KUANTAN but im not going to stay here fer d next 3 years i suppose.my dad is an army officer,so its not suprising that we move a lot.its kindda tiring since we have to pack in n pack out ol d tyme.but do we have a choice?naa~ its fer our family own good.btw,ull find my blog quite lifeless since im new here n im hoping from helps of d pro bloggers.ill b rarely adding new post since my lyfe is not fil wif much interesting surrounding.enaf fer today,mur post r coming soon.xoxo.