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Saturday, March 6, 2010

drivin lesson gives me GOOSEBUMPS !

i wish i can use a auto car fer d test.LOL.

do not yell at me la

nice teacher will help me do great in the test

im goin to attend d first class on dis sunday.its lyke my dream comes true.but on d behalf,im still afraid i cant pass d test with glory.well,it cost me rm500 that is cheaper than other my sibs ever had.i am lucky i guess.ive got d drivin book that i havent read yet.some says "naa~ dun hav to read it la.its an easy one if u have a good moral n discipline". i hope so.wish me luck yeahh.. :)


  1. good luck!try just one shot!...i dare u :)

  2. uhh..ill try my best..d fulblast..hahah..