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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things That I Hate To Do

well,here something for u to copy n paste in ur mind :

1. I hate it when people call me syg without my permission which you wont get it easily ☻
2. I hate narrow minded people thus be open minded with me but not too extreme okay ☻
3. I dislike people who hates other people without reason. awkward aite ☻
4. Please be aware that I like to crack jokes.no offence if u get one too ☻
5. I love to try something new and interesting. eg:bungee jumping,sky diving n so on ☻
6. I love vacation bloody much ☻
7. I would rather stay home than wonder around without any purpose ☻
8. I love to shop so so so much eventho I'm staying nowhere near malls atm. lulz ☻
9. I don't like to be ordered around to do this n that without my willingness ☻

last but not least . .

10. I cant run my life without my family n important people around me ☻

Actually there are more than this but i hate to make long list so just there short one. haha. Those are the short listed things I hate to do. That's enough for today.

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