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Brace yourself to take a deep dive of my thoughts which involve different waves of emotions. I rarely write these days. Partly because I try hard not to embrace my inner demon and also I have my other online diary which happens to be my twitter. Here is when I wish to write more than 140 characters. I ain't no Lang Leav, but we sure share the same emotions. ;) email me at najmiezamrose@yahoo.com

Monday, May 31, 2010

wedding fevers :D

see im wearing baju kurung what,haha.
it was kak Lin's wedding
its a wedding lah
of course i have to wear baju kurung
what do u expect?
wear tshirt and jeans?
soooo not cool yeah :P
the wedding was fine
but tiring :P
anyway,we *my siblings and i*
had so much fun making fun of the singer
a rapper for a wedding?
funny hoh?
and thats exactly what happenned
and till now we still make fun of it.LOL.
when will be the next wedding? :D

omg ! i love cute babies !

gosh gosh !
im in love with a BABY :D
he is so adorable and i like his eyes
i just wish some days i will have cute baby too.LOL.
but thats long way to go
so for now i will like other couples' baby
and now im wondering how can people be so cruel for those things happen nowadays
i mean the baby-dumping promblems
omg ! u r mean u know that
stop it will ya?
im not a mother
but im a human being u know
and so do u right?
so think before u do something u will regret later

Sunday, May 30, 2010

i dont need to pretend :D

i love my feeling now i have more to a human feeling.not so COLD BLOODED like i used to.haha :D i love being myself when im with my family and with him.its not like im having a bad time when my friends are around.its just the feeling.the feeling that i have when im with my family and him.i dont have to pretend to be someone else with them.because they will always accept the way i am.at least thats what he told me.awwww~ ;p jiwang ? no lah.its not jiwang but thats what i call sweet.yes ! my family is sweet and so is he :) omg ! what happened to the brutal najmie ? thats what my friends asked me when they knew that im a TOTAL GIRL now.LOL.but i still not into pinky things oke !

well,im not gonna lie that sometimes i do feel like missing something in my life.but cmon,who feels happy all the time.am i right? yes i bet i do :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hi night fella :P

hii :)

well im here just to write more and more since im not in the sleeping zone yet.OMG ! its already 5am but im still awaken.but seriously im not sleepy at all ! okay maybe a little but not strong enough to make me off to bed.

(some kind of disease)
perhaps ? maybe ? its possible for me to have it.maybe i got it from my sister.LOL.come on lah.i dont think soo~ bcoz if i have something the next day i'll sleep early ;p that means i can sleep early but i must have a reason to do that.damn stupid right? HA-HA :))
not to be worry soon i will re-arrange my schedule..
thanks for stoping by :))

dont drink and drive :P

heyyy :)

ive learnt to drive !
impressive isn't it? pfft~
having P makes me feel much comfartable to drive here and there
yeah ! its for real
but for now i still have to drive under my sis's supervision
its for the precaution
well at least i can have buddy beside me
plus more people more party in the car babeyhh ;p
but having the P sticker at the car makes me feel like a LOSER :P
too bad
i have to face the fact that im a learner
the end :))

breezyyy dinner :)

little bit of this and that

yummy! pepperoni pizza :DD

it was kindda fun having dinner in HYATT REGENCY
not to b mention the breezy dinner we had
but its quite a dwelling-place
bcoz many people prefer to stay at cheaper hotel in Telok Cempedak
and hangout by the sea shore

well i had pepperoni pizza and ice mocha for tonite
and im already fulled
i guess i don't have to go downstairs to look for food
tonight *yes i did it for the last couple of days*
after the dinner we had a walk and snapping session
by the beach
but the photos is not clear so
im not going to upload such a disappointed photos
by 11 pm we decided to home
with the sweat-ness and smelly-ness
thats all for now peeps,
will be seeing u guys later :))

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i have a freakin mess up life :P

heyy there,
its been quite a while i didnt update my blog
well there's nothing much for me to write
its just the same life
the same activities all days.PFFTT~
6am-3pm : sleep like hell
3pm-4pm:had myself clean up
4pm-5pm:looking for my phone and my siblings
:reading if im in the mood which usual no mood ;p
:help mama with some favours sometimes
:make sure addeen got home and clean up himself
:wasting time and bla bla ;p
9pm-11pm:dinner and chit chat in the dining hall
:help with the chores
11pm-6am:on9-ing :)


hello im Fugi DD Pillow Plush
hello im Blur Blur DD Pillow Plush

hello im Drooolie DD Pillow Plush

hello im Kalor DD Pillow Plush :)

omg ! aren't they cute ! so ADORABLE and HUGABLE.
i wish i can have one :)
Danny can i have one ?
Didie u promise me u'll buy one for me aite?
o else i will buy myself one lah.
i dun rily mind buying this stuff BUT
it will b more valuable if i have it from u guys !
got the point?
i sure u do :)

actually KALOR is the one i want the most
but i still can't find it here
nvm i'll keep looking

anyway,thanks for reading this lame things :P
c u then :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

what a life ;(

YES ! i admit it.life aint beautiful all the tyme.same goes to my life.but what im trying to say in here is that i dont have too much huhahuha tymes during my after school holidays.since i moved to kuantan on the first month i got no friends till now.how pathetic is it?HA-HA.actly i do got three boyfriend in kuantan.we talk a lot in the drivin classes n do communicate in FB.but we dont do outings.here in kuantan i only go to EAST COAST MALL.its not the nearest but its the oke-est mall in kuantan.pff~ its kindda bored to death when u realise u r in the middle of town which dont hav interesting places whereas u r a person who lurf to travel a lot ! well at least ive got my P already.wee~ anyway im rarely in here since my life is not that interesting to share with.so will b seeing u guys later :)