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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

breezyyy dinner :)

little bit of this and that

yummy! pepperoni pizza :DD

it was kindda fun having dinner in HYATT REGENCY
not to b mention the breezy dinner we had
but its quite a dwelling-place
bcoz many people prefer to stay at cheaper hotel in Telok Cempedak
and hangout by the sea shore

well i had pepperoni pizza and ice mocha for tonite
and im already fulled
i guess i don't have to go downstairs to look for food
tonight *yes i did it for the last couple of days*
after the dinner we had a walk and snapping session
by the beach
but the photos is not clear so
im not going to upload such a disappointed photos
by 11 pm we decided to home
with the sweat-ness and smelly-ness
thats all for now peeps,
will be seeing u guys later :))

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