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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


hello im Fugi DD Pillow Plush
hello im Blur Blur DD Pillow Plush

hello im Drooolie DD Pillow Plush

hello im Kalor DD Pillow Plush :)

omg ! aren't they cute ! so ADORABLE and HUGABLE.
i wish i can have one :)
Danny can i have one ?
Didie u promise me u'll buy one for me aite?
o else i will buy myself one lah.
i dun rily mind buying this stuff BUT
it will b more valuable if i have it from u guys !
got the point?
i sure u do :)

actually KALOR is the one i want the most
but i still can't find it here
nvm i'll keep looking

anyway,thanks for reading this lame things :P
c u then :)


  1. buy yourself lah.asyik mintak org je.hehe;pp

  2. alaa.bkn mintak kt wey2 ku syg ;p