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Brace yourself to take a deep dive of my thoughts which involve different waves of emotions. I rarely write these days. Partly because I try hard not to embrace my inner demon and also I have my other online diary which happens to be my twitter. Here is when I wish to write more than 140 characters. I ain't no Lang Leav, but we sure share the same emotions. ;) email me at najmiezamrose@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

be missing lotsa things :(


shut up and listen
i wont be here o myspace either facebook
i will be in UiTM start from june 26th
and i know nobody cares bout that
but i DO !
this is the first im gonna be far from my bed my room and most important

i dont really happy bout leaving my home
but what can i do
i need to study
and i have to face the fact
my life will never be the same
no more lying on the back while texting
no more fb till morning
no more supper
no more delicious food
no more no more no more !
wtfish ! i hate all these !
but i have to

im gonna do the dip for 3 years
and i hope i have a great time there
cmon i dont want to suffer for the next 3 years
for now i have no friend there
but i'll make sure
i bond with the right partner
i dont really need a plastic face

im gonna miss so many things :(
ohh myyy,life if so unfair
bring me to life i had after spm
right after spm !
im gonna miss lots of people too
fb-ing ym-ing
no more for me :(
im no longer the regular fb-ers
but who cares
they dont even know that im exist there

okay lah.
what so ever
im tired but i havent pack my things yet :P
it just great
ive told u so im not really exicted bout this uitm things :P

leaving u guys :D

say 'KISS n BYE' sun :P

awwww~ im a retard :P

seacucumber :P

hello im in the middle of nowhere :P

watcha lookin at?

awesome scenery :D

freakin awesome !
i mean the holiday :D
we went to terengganu for the last school holiday.we suppose to get a resort in Redang island but we were too slow for the booking so all already fully booked.and that is pathetic :P but its a lesson for us not to wait for the very last minutes.first come first serve :P so we have to stay at one of the hotel in terengganu.so we have to travel all the way from kuantan to terengganu for about 4 hours.it was totally tiring.but i had a great time watching the seaview though :D well,we had so many activities and they cause my sisters a timing problems :P haha.girls need to have at least one hour for them to prepare?hell yeah.thats a good phrase for my sisters.but bot for me.im a very very very simple person :D
anyway,we were much like enjoying the holiday.
we went for candat sotong
and it was so much tiring
at first i was like
'omg ! im so exicted to get my ass on the boat'
but then,half hour on the sea
'omg ! get my ass off the boat'
got some fishes and cuttlefishes
but at last i had to stop
coz i had seasick and its not okay :P
well,the next morning we went for snorkelling in Kapas island.im not gonna tell u what happened before that coz its not really a good story :P
we had a very great time.
dont really mind bout the hot sunny day
coz hell yeah its a holiday
just dont get out if u want to keep ur skin the way it is :P
the water was bluish green
and there were only small fishes :P
i dive in to take some seacucumbers
our hyper-ness had no limit so we swim till we reached the beach.
damn ! it was far :P
well it was worth the swim.the view was breathtaking but we had no cam with us
auucchh~ what a luck :P
what else ha?
okay had lunch and met awesome island people :D
okay im tired.duhh -.- no wonder look at my paragraphs ! wow ! im maybe good in making novels o short stories.NOT ! pfftt~ yeah my english suck thus dont puke when u read this.i hate to do long writing coz it doesnt fit me well :P okay back to the topic.well,we had a very limited time there in terengganu.but after all its my family vacation.we r the family that full of colours :)
okay enough im tired la wey.
see ya later alligators :P

Saturday, June 12, 2010

shitty day =.=


  • please mind ur own bussiness people
  • when u r texting with me please tell me when u r off to bed coz u pissed me off when u suddenly missing in action
  • im tired of people who often gives me hope but never make it come true
  • im tired of all the stupidnest u bring up to me.its not cute okay
  • i had enough of this and that
  • please dont mix with me if u r lack of sense of humour
  • dont put too much of ego in urself u fool
  • dont pretend to be an angel in front of me but behind u r a devil
  • im not a machine okay and i do have feelings
  • dont ask me silly questions
  • i dont usually hate people but im oke if u want me to
  • let me do my things and u do ur own will ya
  • its an irony when i use ('') everyone knows that u lame
  • im not interesting

so thats a lil bit of me if u want to know,dont read if u dont mind.please take note of this okay.its tiring to write long post.so i out of here :)


okay the fever has started
and im on the list of people who got infection :P
just finished watching the first game of ENGLAND
and its pretty lame
cmon !
1 - 1 ?
and USA must be very proud for not defeated by the ENGLAND player which is most of them r superstar
at first the game was kindda interesting
i mean the first 3 minutes
thats when GERRARD show some skill by putting one goal in the game
but after that the GREEN guy was so like whatever
hold on the ball like a man will ya? pfftt~
okay so the game was disappointing
and im not in the mood to make a joke bout it
but chill lah thats the first game
but on top of all
thanks for cheering me up bebeyh ;p

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

this is normal =.=

mr a : *texting*

mr b : here listen to me.i got stories to tell u dude !

mr a : talk ! *at the same time typing text*

mr b : just now i saw bla bla bla and bla~

mr a : yeah o yeah and then ? *the same time replying text to mr c*

mr c : dude ! wth r u talking about?wrong sending?

mr b : *never stop talking*

mr a : *listening and reading the text* oh damn ! u got to be kidding me !

mr b : heyy ! r u listening?whats wrong? *stop talking for a while*

mr a : i sent the things u told me to my friend.omg ! bloody embarassing !

mr b : ROLF ! !

mr a : *sigh*

this is what happen when u never stop talking when im texting ! i'll end up typing
what u were saying ! duhh~ =.=

Monday, June 7, 2010

okay...this is rubbish :P


im WAVING sayonara ;((

omg ! counting days to start a new life =.=

time flies that i can barely realise in two weeks im off to UiTM
the worst part is im gonna be far away from my family
i used to eat home food
wake up and take my own sweet time in my room without rushing to the bathroom
take cold drinks all the time
eat whatever i want
buy things easily
im gonna be in Mallaca for 3 years
and thats suck !
it will exremely give me a big impact
and i really hope i dont have to mix with those culture shockers :P
do meet me there and cheer me up will ya ?
xoxo :D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

first of all....loafer

its already JUNE !
for heaven sake i got ton of things to do
freaking insane !
i really mean it
TON of things TO DO
get urself together mie
now what i really need to do is
its not like im heavy sleeper
it just i pretend like i got nothing to do early in the morning
im a lame girl
i only wake up to feel up my empty stomach
o else im gonna die while im sleeping
and im sure nobody will realise that
siot je..hehe
but mybe danny will realise that
coz i will not rep his text
even after he calls me for hundred times
*yes he does that each time im late* :P
loafer !
thats what i refer myself
suit me isnt it? haha
anyway,im going to UITM on this 26 june
but i havent prepare anything yet
its been a long time i havent do hand writing
so its quite hard for me to fill up the form
duuuhhh~ =.=
but thanks to my helpful sis
she filled up the form for me :D
but i still have to do the medical check up and so on
my mom asked me to write a list things to buy
but till now i havent done it yet
thats all for now
catch u later people :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

form what? FORMSPRING ! :P

firstly let me tell u what is formspring
its a web where people can ask u lots and lots of questions
but some mis-used it as a way to ask silly question to people
omg !
get a life will ya
one of my friend ever wrote this

"if u wanna know who many haters do u have try to sign up for formspring"

and yes
she is so so true
please people
i created formspring not for u people
its for people who want to ask me reasonable question
so beat it !
leave my page alone u idiot :)


duuhh~ =.= im tired.u know y?cause i waste my free time by waking up til the dawn then sleep till the afternoon.oh yeah maybe evening =.= im a freak?no im not.if i am ill be in the freak show by now.damn ! im such a brat.huh.how am i gonna live my life in uitm soon.cett~ its already june and i havent fill the uitm form yet.buy things for uitm.my dad had started to ask me this and that.duhh~ yah,i dont know,dont ask me please.im having quite a difficult time to manage all by myself.i need help ! anyone ? volunteer ? haha.uitm,let me tell u the truth.im not ready for u yet.so i hope u guys will change ur mind bout the date *hoping and keep hoping for something that will never happen* ahhh~