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Sunday, June 6, 2010

first of all....loafer

its already JUNE !
for heaven sake i got ton of things to do
freaking insane !
i really mean it
TON of things TO DO
get urself together mie
now what i really need to do is
its not like im heavy sleeper
it just i pretend like i got nothing to do early in the morning
im a lame girl
i only wake up to feel up my empty stomach
o else im gonna die while im sleeping
and im sure nobody will realise that
siot je..hehe
but mybe danny will realise that
coz i will not rep his text
even after he calls me for hundred times
*yes he does that each time im late* :P
loafer !
thats what i refer myself
suit me isnt it? haha
anyway,im going to UITM on this 26 june
but i havent prepare anything yet
its been a long time i havent do hand writing
so its quite hard for me to fill up the form
duuuhhh~ =.=
but thanks to my helpful sis
she filled up the form for me :D
but i still have to do the medical check up and so on
my mom asked me to write a list things to buy
but till now i havent done it yet
thats all for now
catch u later people :D

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