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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

say 'KISS n BYE' sun :P

awwww~ im a retard :P

seacucumber :P

hello im in the middle of nowhere :P

watcha lookin at?

awesome scenery :D

freakin awesome !
i mean the holiday :D
we went to terengganu for the last school holiday.we suppose to get a resort in Redang island but we were too slow for the booking so all already fully booked.and that is pathetic :P but its a lesson for us not to wait for the very last minutes.first come first serve :P so we have to stay at one of the hotel in terengganu.so we have to travel all the way from kuantan to terengganu for about 4 hours.it was totally tiring.but i had a great time watching the seaview though :D well,we had so many activities and they cause my sisters a timing problems :P haha.girls need to have at least one hour for them to prepare?hell yeah.thats a good phrase for my sisters.but bot for me.im a very very very simple person :D
anyway,we were much like enjoying the holiday.
we went for candat sotong
and it was so much tiring
at first i was like
'omg ! im so exicted to get my ass on the boat'
but then,half hour on the sea
'omg ! get my ass off the boat'
got some fishes and cuttlefishes
but at last i had to stop
coz i had seasick and its not okay :P
well,the next morning we went for snorkelling in Kapas island.im not gonna tell u what happened before that coz its not really a good story :P
we had a very great time.
dont really mind bout the hot sunny day
coz hell yeah its a holiday
just dont get out if u want to keep ur skin the way it is :P
the water was bluish green
and there were only small fishes :P
i dive in to take some seacucumbers
our hyper-ness had no limit so we swim till we reached the beach.
damn ! it was far :P
well it was worth the swim.the view was breathtaking but we had no cam with us
auucchh~ what a luck :P
what else ha?
okay had lunch and met awesome island people :D
okay im tired.duhh -.- no wonder look at my paragraphs ! wow ! im maybe good in making novels o short stories.NOT ! pfftt~ yeah my english suck thus dont puke when u read this.i hate to do long writing coz it doesnt fit me well :P okay back to the topic.well,we had a very limited time there in terengganu.but after all its my family vacation.we r the family that full of colours :)
okay enough im tired la wey.
see ya later alligators :P

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