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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks for the Lovely Thought :)

heyy,thanks for the song u gave me.
i love them.
i'll listen to them each time i turn on my lappy.
u said u gave me those song because u know i like to accept song from people.
well at least u know how to make up with me back.
and u said u meant the song for me.
but sorry i cant accept that.
by doing that u just make me feel uncomfortable
i accept ur apologize.
i just cant accept ur unexpected thingy.
i just want u to be my big bro barney.
cant u be one?
cant u just understand the limit?
now that u r away from my life i hope u will have a better life.
stop messing ur life with unnecessary things k.
take care of yourself old man.
dont forget ur promise to me.
bye :)

p/s : i hope u r reading this now fat ass :)

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