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Thursday, August 26, 2010

masscomm :D

heyya peeps
im a masscommers
and thats awesome !
u know y?
we live a life that none of u guys can imagine
we unite to be the best
but maybe we got in some arguement but
that wont last long
because we know how to forgive and forget
i think so? :p

im in the first sem
so i plan to get the best result as i can
im aiming for DL
and i will try to get it
by hook or by crook :D

studying masscomm is really interesting
eventhough i dont really understand the media field yet
but sooner or later
after bonding with this field
im sure i will be more comfortable with it
because now i can tell that im into masscomm
and im glad to choose it
with the class im in now
im begin to be redeem more experience
mix with more people
adapt more situation
i think from all 10 classes
my class is the havoc-est among the others
instead of being silence
we choose to be havoc
but there are some people who dont like our class though
but we dont give a damn coz we got each other :)

DMC1H is always the best ! :)

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