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Thursday, August 12, 2010

shopaholic much? :P

omg ! i am totally one of the worse spender ever. ive been checking out so many mall and places recently and i spent too much money on clothes and accessories. i am happy to buy all those things. but for god sake i have to loosen up my bad bad way of spending my money. and the worse part is , my money just got stuck in the atm and ive went to the main bank to claim it back. and it takes 10 working days for them to inform me whether they will return back my money or not. i really hope i will get my money back. pathetically i am really short of money now and i dont know from which source should i ask from. :P

what i really need now is my money $$
dont ask anything from me now
coz seriously i cant treat any of u guys for now ;D

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