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Friday, August 13, 2010

show me some class :P

well,here i am in Malacca
its been more than a month im here
so many things happened
memorable things
not forgotten the bad things
but what ever it is
i am here for studies
so i will always remind myself to achieve what i need in here
and move on to the next stage of life

anyway,ive met so many types of people in UiTM
nerds?hot stuff?wannabe? and hell yeah the PLASTICS
its quite fun to watch the way they talk,walk and act
my eyes will keep watching and my mouth will keep making jokes bout those things
yes we are mean :P haha

i am happy with the group of friends i got now
we r glee and gay all the time

the most thing i like bout my friends is
i can talk english with them
eventhough sometimes we use vulgar words
but who cares
thats the way we talk to each other

for those narrow minded people who thinks we are so poyo
that we talk english most of the time
boo u ! coz we aint got nothing to lose :D

till then :D

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