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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

running nose......FLU :p

look at those nose and thats exactly how my nose is
i got this flu a day before im back in UiTM

i thought of getting better the next day
but i was wrong
as its getting worse
i have to ignore it because im on my way to UiTM already
so i just wish the best for me

the third day-fourth day
i can hardy breath
my friends told me that i look pale and my temperature is rising
so they gave me medicine which i hate the most
but i had no choice coz they check me up every 10 minutes
but im glad i have them to take care of me
so i just lay myself on the bed
and pretend that im so tired
well i was actually tired with the class and i was fasting

the fifth day
my nose gets better in the morning to the evening
but i have to go to koko activities which is suck !
there i was walking with my friends to the Padang Kawad
and suddenly its raining
and i have to walk all the way to my room without umbrella
i was all wet
and guess what
i only can breath through my mouth
my flu was getting worse and im still fasting
duhh~ what a day

the flu is still in the same condition
well i guess the chances of getting better is low
since im in mallaca
and the weather is changing much

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