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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

where is the RAYA? gone ;(

well here some pics of raya
hope u guys enjoy it :)

najwa and najmie

the cousins and aunties

me and g-ya

the first raya :
we had nothing except staying home like it was another day

the second day :
all my cousins went back to the own home and so did my family

the third raya :
we went to the aunties and uncles places for a real raya

the fourth raya :
the same activities and welcoming guests
helping my grandmother in the kitchen
entertain the guests

the fifth raya :
woke up late and felt like shit
watched movies in the television

till now :
erghhh~ i still cant feel the raya mood.i guess the raya mood is gone already.its pathetic and i still hoping for more.miss the old days when we were small and we had lots of fun.the feeling we had for raya when it was then and im looking foward for a better raya next year.


  1. yaw excuse me?helping your grandmother in the kitchen ?wo wo wo.are u kiddin me?:p