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Saturday, November 27, 2010

hairy punzzy ;D

Life is good this week
i got to watched Rapunzel in 3D
and at the same i got money to spend
but im still keeping them for good :D

Even though this movie clocks in near to two hours,
it is basically a feel good visual ride
Without much suspense or twist, we are treated with a relaxing and enjoyable movie
There are many funny scenes, especially those that involve the cute chameleon and Maximus (the horse)
The songs and music suit the moments in the film but too many of the singing make me sick though :P
The 3D effects are put to good use as well
It shows great depth to Rapunzel’s very long hair

BUT , i prefer Megamind :D
the blue headed guy still lingering in my mind
his pronunciation is the funniest part
instead of hello he said 'olo'
and thats cute :D
make me laugh all the way :)

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