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Saturday, November 20, 2010

i need new shades :(

i just realized
that my shades
my lovely wayfarer shades
is broken :(
love it so muchhhhh
and now i have to replace it with a new one
it was such a disappointment
the moment i wanted to wear it
and i discovered that the glass was not in the right place
and the frame was broken
and at that point
i was speechless and nearly die
*okay that was a bit exaggerative*
well anyway may u rest in peace my lovely friend ;(
but i still love u and u will always be there at my collection table <3

okay now im excited because ive found the one to replace it
*that was fast* :P hehe
anyway look at that
awesome isn't it ?
im aiming for u mr
will u be my next eyes partner ? <3

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