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Sunday, November 14, 2010

krik krik -________-''

WTF ?!
you maybe know me as the person who always laugh and too crazy
and most of friends think
i got no feeling
im a cold blooded person
im too childish
but all that assumptions are totally wrong

yes i am crazy and a happy go lucky person
but i do know how to be serious and
take things seriously

so here i am to tell bout the real me
since none of u guys able to figure me out

i dont like to share any of my sadness with people
even i know i can trust that person
but i dont feel like telling them
i dont like to seek sympathetic from others
im not comfortable to share what i feel and my reaction with others
i wont cry and i wont make sad faces in front of people
i tend to be happy even when im not
and im good in doing that and thats why people call me

i dont like to shout madly at my friends
i can fake a smile or a laugh even when im mad or pissed off
i will laugh or smile instead of shouting at them
i can do it so well that my friend herself/himself cant tell that im mad with them
maybe thats not good
and maybe thats the reason why my friends never felt afraid with me
but i just dont want to hurt their feeling by shouting at them
and i got new name for me

i dont show what i do to people
even when i do help my friends but they can barely realize that
maybe because my crazy attitude and when they see me do something
they will pretend to be suprise
even when im studying or cleaning anything
what else can i do instead of smile?
and this makes they think that i am a

actually there are more names for me
but forget it
they are all the same
negative names :)
its okay
no one knows me better than myself
im cool with it :D
but my friends are so nice just they dont know me well
and thats not their fault :)
i do <3 my friends

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