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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And Thats How I End My Birthday ! :')

teehee~ this is what my baby wrote for me <3

my oh my ! time flies ! oh no time flashes ! :O
im finally 18 !
okay so let me tell you what actually happened today
actually theres nothing happened today
yeah NOTHING !
i lie to no one so look into my eyes and believe me when i say nothing
indeed it was just another day
despite all the wishes and songs that been given to me
i really appreciated those who wished me :)
as usual got free call from maxis
i didnt really spend it since i was confuse who to talk to
well got some money from my parent and nothing from my siblings
because they said i have more money than they do so yea forget it -__-'
not that high expectation on my birthday
but still im waiting for something that really can make me remember the day i turned 18
so many things attract me but yet only few things i can buy
but this time i need to manage my expenditure
back to the old me where im too naive to spend even a bit of my money
i was once literally broke for being such a shopaholic
bad Nemmy bad Nemmy :p
so now im considering to change a bit and control my lust for shopping :)
anyway, other than those above , nothing happen
no celebration no cakes not even cupcakes involved
but still today is awesome because im officially 18 now
and all above are adequate for me :)
thanks family and friends for making my day pretty awesome :)

rawrrr !

oh ya wait ! i still havent tell u guys why i put that title for this post :D
it just because i assume it will attract some people to read my post
naaa~ im just kidding
the actual reason is because my birthday was ended with my shouting over Malaysian's footballers victory over Indonesia :D
and it was raining the whole day
and i considered that are Allah's bless for me on 29th :)
alhamdullilah for such a day :)

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