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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Najmie Zamrose 2010 ( next pit 2011 ! )

well , its time to say sayonara to 2010 and holla at our new year 2011 :D im still the old me.lame ? naaa~ its better be the old me than being new but plastic. okay so lets dig what ive been through this year :D time to reminisce back to back. let see if i can think of any sweet memory that can be 'memory of the year' :D and the award goes to *drum rolling* none :p duhh~ i havent decided yet which will i mark as the 'memory of the year' -____-'' next ! okay well many things happened. the biggest changes was the moment i started my life as a University student in Uitm. the first few weeks was such a huge persecution. i had to force myself to bare with all the inductions. UiTM induction.Masscom induction.Block induction and not to be forgotten the level induction. but throughout the whole induction weeks, i made bond with some new friends, get to know the seniors and bla bla bla :P at first i felt kinda tough to live by my own but i didnt cry though. :D well it was kinda tiring and annoyed me sometimes but it was still a great memory to be remembered when ive passed all this years behind :) now im ready to be in the next sem. NOT ! pfftt~ most of my 2010's memory involve Uitm. well i met some people that i can click with there. AWESOME people you can barely imagine ;D and i met some old friends too. even my primary school friend is there !

2010 made me felt all new since tons of new things happened to me. lets talk about my new place , Kuantan . well theres nothing to be impress here. i had no friend and still i have no friend here :S its hard to make friends here when i dont really know what they're saying and the way
they talk really annoyed me sometimes :p sorry if any Kuantanians read this :p i said what i think :) anyway back to what i was saying , moving to Kuantan a bit tragic to me. for godsake im 18 and here i am stuck where theres no friend and no appropriate mall or place for me to hang or shopping :S the worse thing about is Kuantan is the DRIVER ! stop acting like you own the road will ya -.-' and the boys are so annoying with their annoying faces :S just imagine you have to walk through them and they stare at you like starving wolf who ready to attack and flirt you with their slang :S okay enough with this rubbish -______-'

next pit ! it was such a relieve to achieve what i had been dreaming of for so long. DRIVING LICENSE ! :O thanks God i got it with only one trial :) it was such a great day ! now im a happy driver. Alhamdullilah i never got into any accidents. but driving in Kuantan really can drive me crazy :S Ya Allah Ya TuhanKu lindungilah aku dari sebarang kemalangan dan jauhi lah aku dari semua pemandu-pemandu yang tidak bertauliah.Amin :)

2010 is the year where i spend the most money and when i turned myself into a horrible shopper :S YES ! i aware to this bad habit but i cant help it. my eyes keep searching and my hand keep paying .at least i dont use credit card and end up causing my dad a heart attack :p
since im a teen now so tones of things are needed to make me as a happy teen :B shopping assist me to a healthier life when i got to enjoy the things i bought. it can prevent myself from being sorrow ;D but that was before i check my purse and i realized that i was broke and there's no more money to spend :P DANGG ! i was a big spender ! so lets hope i can loosen up a bit and
save some more money :D

well , those are some of my remembrance for 2010 :) what a long essay :p shut up ! just read it :) lets hope for a better life in the upcoming year 2011 . time flies like G6 :P so cheers everyone ! and happy new year ! lets gather and light 2011 with much brighter story ! till then <3
Buhbye 2010~ im gonna miss you and the memories you brought to me :')

Hell-o 2011~ come in and make my future brighter :3

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