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Sunday, December 19, 2010

types of boy i would definitely avoid !

Boy that easily fool by other girls than their GF :

Oh come on ! u know how much flirty girls can be sometimes ? so thats the time for you to show your toughness.not fall for their trick okay? yes you can be nice but not too nice till end up hurting your GF's feelings. everything you do must has the limit. it depends on how you control it.so think wisely :)

Boy that care more about himself than his GF :

For your information, a girl dont need boy that only thinks about himself. so screw you if you cant afford to care about your own GF. boy that have this type of character dont deserve to be with someone.

Boy that only need GF to fill their sex habit :

My oh my. girls, if you have this type of BF.you should think a way to get the hell away from him. he is so called sexmaniac if he always ask you to do ehem2 *u know what i mean*. once he showed his bird to you thats the sign that shows you need to do something examples like kick his balls so that he cant use it in the future.damn it feels good to kick someone's balls :D at least thats what i'll do.so dont just let yourself be a toy for him because he will never appreciate your afford that helps him to keep his desire full at all time.

Boy that loves to criticize and compare his GF with other girls :

Boy , dontchu dare to say ' look at that beautiful girl' in front of your GF. the one that you have now is the one that you deserve to be with. look at the mirror you ugly fella. you should be thankful that God gifted you someone to love you.so stop complaining and respect your woman :)

Boy that like to use vulgar words and insult people :

Erghh~ you make me feel nausea. i really hate this type of boy. you are not that perfect to compute someone's behavior or look. and puhlease , those words that burst out from your mouth enough to show me what type of human you are. briefly, i dont like boy that talks using vulgar word in each of his sentence. such a pain in the ass :S

Boy that only knows how to make promises but never fulfilled it :

who like this type of boy huh? not just boy.but if anyone who behaves like this will definitely have the ticket to go to the rubbish center because no one will believes you and your useless promises.

Boy that keep thing as secret in hope i will discovered it myself :

eh, sorry to say but i cant read mind like Edward Cullen does. so dontchu hide something from me and expect i know what you feel and do as what you think. secretive huh? secretive my ass ! if you want to say something to me just say it because i dont have the Beep Beep sounds to detect what you have in mind okay bro ? are we clear ? i bet we do.

well, there are lots more to be written but im tired and my back is killing me.so , think for yourself before you decide to be with someone :) till then :D

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