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Brace yourself to take a deep dive of my thoughts which involve different waves of emotions. I rarely write these days. Partly because I try hard not to embrace my inner demon and also I have my other online diary which happens to be my twitter. Here is when I wish to write more than 140 characters. I ain't no Lang Leav, but we sure share the same emotions. ;) email me at najmiezamrose@yahoo.com

Friday, November 4, 2011


well as you can see
I trimmed my hair a bit
the fringe is new
but erm well I dont really like it -.-
whatever . bye

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bad Bad Holiday Routine

Seriously, I really have no idea whats the point of my holiday
Apart from mentally and physically rest
 I really have nothing much to do
Obviously Im a jobless kid
and now Im a broken ass

my stupid routine :
Monday-Sunday : Sleep . Play games . Watch stupid movies .Eat junk foods . Online

and this will go on until the sem break ends -.-'

I have no money and automatically makes me lifeless
Well if only I have the money it wont change much
Still Im in Kuantan and there are no places I could spend on

I thought I made a pretty good plan for my holiday
but oh well I know myself well
not the type who goes well with schedule and all
Its been two weeks since my holiday starts
and now I owe everyone a visit
I shall make it works if the distance is not this far
Insyallah if I have the permission I shall visit everyone ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Im just gonna say this one last time
'Is there anyone who can help me to choose which Dslr should I buy?'
its between D90 and D5100
Im totally have no idea why am I thinking so much about it
Maybe because Im putting much patience for this decision
Ive been waiting for the right time to ask for a dslr
since Im going to use it for the next semester I think I have the rights to ask for one
Well obviously, its gonna be in a good hand 
Im so gonna love it like I love song baby
and I keep clicking king king king :p
Okay now im talking nonsense 
anyway, I still havent decided which should I buy
everyone is welcomed to give me suggestion
much needed if you are a camera pro ;D
till then, I need to make up my mind in peace
Roger and out !

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mind Your Words

Wow, such words can really give me a big impact
or maybe Im just being too emotional
I am an emotional sick kid , indeed 
I tend to get emotional over some small things 

Maybe I just like to exaggerate my thoughts ?

Somehow, Im pretty sure I got all emotional for a reason
I know myself better than anyone else does
so dont bother to tell me why and how

I find myself quite secretive and thats my biggest problem
I like to keep things to myself and
realize that its not even worth it later
So far I havent found someone to talk to about the whole shits happening
because the one I had already gone
and I still cant find the replacement 
besides my family 

So the journey continues......... 

Enjoy this kids !

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Greetings From Kuantan

So yeah here I am in Kuantan

people might ask me :
whats good to be in Kuantan ?

I'll give this simple answer :
I have my family here

Okay truth to be told, I dont really like to be in Kuantan but as long as my family is here Im cool with it. I dont give you random answer. Thats what really what I have in mind. I dont have any friends in here and the only place I go for entertainment is the only mall there. Sometimes when I feel like hanging out with my siblings at night, we just have to go to the same place since there is no other place for us to hang out. I dont know, is it just me or everyone else is having the same problem here in Kuantan. Maybe Im just being too exaggerating about how boring Kuantan is. 

Anyway, Happy Holiday Ya Olls ! 
Enjoy this holiday as long as you deserve it
and here the list of things I'll do for the sembreak :

1. Food Hunting
2. Buy few things
3. Get my hair fixed and colored
4. Meet and Greet random people
5. Get my ass down to kl
6. Reading some stuffs
7. Clean up my room

Apparently, I have a long list of things to do. So I better start something today. But I have the sense that I will procrastinating lots of things in the list as as always -.-' The next time Im here I'll update you guys with the latest achievement I've done. Till then see ya later alligator ! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Psychology : .............

Truth to be told I wasn't expecting the paper to be that hard ! 

Before the exam : Ohhh ohh Im ready !

First 5 minutes : Wow actually the paper is okay(before flipping through the whole paper)

Next 30 minutes : Oh God what the hell is blablabla ?

Critical time : Like seriously ? 

Last 30 minutes : Why am I still blank ?

End of the paper : Hmmm (redha)

So, that was literally what happened during my psychology paper. I was quite disappointed with the paper and myself though. I thought after few days of reading the same book and notes can help me a lot with the paper. But somehow, it went wrong and I was blank during the examination. The major problem was , me myself and I. When I read too much and memorize too much I tend to forget which answer is for which question. It all got mixed up and my brain wont cooperate with me. Well lets just hope I did just well and the least I will get for my paper is B- :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time Flies Better Than G6

That's a real fucked up situation for a cat ;D

It's been a really really messed up week. 7 days of haggard and 7 nights of studying. Everything went upside down. Its a real mess and everyone seems to be so busy with studying for this upcoming paper. Im writing this not because Im that free but at least I've done with the notes and I just need time to revise and memorize every each sentences I wrote. 

I told myself that Im not gonna do a last minute studying anymore but I never promise not to sleep late again. So yeah, Im wide awake to study constantly from 1 am to 7 am.  Dont be surprise because I believe Im not the only one who doing that. Some stay all night and study in Mcd but I prefer to study in my own room on this particular table of mine. Papers, books, dustbin, colouring pen, and drinks have been my company for the last 7 days. So far 

Im blessed with the breezy weather in Lendu. I can study with a peaceful mind and peaceful surrounding. Library have been the place for me to hook up my study in the afternoon and will usually stay there till the end of the day. I was not born to be a good reader or a person who can stay in front of a book for hours without getting distracted but somehow, I've determined to be one for this sem. I hate to disappoint myself and the most my parents. Anyway, Im done with this short break. Im better off to my book now before my eyes decide not to open anymore. Till then, bye :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pretty Little Thing

Without knowing it, the days in uitm is reaching to it ends 
I cant wish more than to be back home with z family 
The joy I had here for this short sem.....yeah a real short sem for me thou, will never be forgotten (typical line when the sem is about to end) LOL
But then I cant deny the fact that I had a great time here

Most of my time were filled with random things sort of like eating junk, making stupid jokes, staring at strangers (which might sound a lil bit pervert) , 
and other things that you can never imagine
Meeting new people doesnt seems to give me much excitement, unless when I came across some good looking juniors (mostly girls)....errmm well I dont really consider 
myself as senior but just to make it specific
Like seriously, most of the girls are so pretty I feel so ugly everytime I see them -.-'

The anxiety of getting over this sem without failing or repeating any subject
 is torturing me a lot
But I feel a bit relieve to see my carry marks wasnt that bad
In fact, it might be better than the last sem which I almost tripped 
to below my expected pointer
So far, alhamdulillah I did my best and it was paid with a positive pointers :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scrolling In The Deep

Sooo, I was so bored and this idea of reading blogs somehow came on the perfect timing. 
Reading other blogs made me realize how weak my English was and still is :( 
Those blogs I read, enlighten me that people who read a lot usually have this power to be able to use bombastic words to make their sentences more interesting. 
Well, at least Im trying my best to polish my english. 
As far as Im concerned , my mom was the one who teach me english and I did learn a lot from her.
 I talked english whenever I feel like talking but somehow there's a group of narrow minded people who think they are well verse in Malay and condemned other Malay people who use english in their communication. 
I have to bear with all the critics and those blabla things they said. 
For your information , I never failed my Malay exam and to be truth I always scored A for both my Malay and English paper. 
So dont mind telling me what you think because really I dont care.  

Mood : Moody (esok exam)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Growing with new people

Class Of 3H 11'

Lately, I cant seems to get along with lots of people .
I just realize as we grow older we will meet all sorts of human being
After all this years, I've been making bond with every types of people you named it.
Unfortunately, only few that still stay around with me since I like to maintain a small circle of friends
I tend to lost friends every time I move from one place to another
Most of them are my friends from my primary schools and high schools .

Unlike most people, my family moved a lot and we are still going to move around until my dad retired I guess
Living in a big family doesn't really require me to have lots of friends.
I have my big sisters, little sister and little brother to go anywhere with
But still sometimes only sometimes when I feel like going out with friends I have a group of people I can rely on
The truth is, who doesnt need friends ?
Its just that it is more comfortable to mingle with few of friends that already understand us
In a way, we can tell them whatever we feel like telling without having second thoughts :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Say It With Pure Heart Will Ya?

''Apologizing, does not always mean that you're wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego''

This can be applied in any relationship. Doesnt matter how big the mistake is, apologize will always be needed. But somehow , most people don't realize how precious apologize is. I dont really know how to say a good apology but I will try as long as I can. Sometimes its a bit embarrassing to ask for an apology from someone we close to. Thats what I feel. I met few people that have this kind of ego to apologize. Anyway, sometimes we need to put our ego away or else we will end up hurting other people which is not good for a long term relationship. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silence Is Better

"Just when I decided to choke all my words down to throat , people blame me for what they call me being ego"

Let me clear things up what is all about to be me. Im the type of person who likes to keep things personally and as far as I know I never talk behind my own friends' back. Im not saying that Im a good friend but indeed Im trying the best to be a good friend. I know my words are sometimes too harsh but I will only said it personally to that particular person. Im really sorry if I ever hurt any of you people with my words but dont worry I dont go around and tell sick stories about my friends. I always keep things to myself that sometimes it hurts a lot. If I cant take it I will tell you but if things still the same and you choose not to change anything I'll back off. I wont say anything anymore but I just cant help if Im being awkward to you. This is a random example how to describe what I really am. Its up to you if you want to call me selfish but just sometimes try to put yourself in others shoe and try to figure how it feels to be treated like that okay. That all I gotta say for now.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I miss writing ! and my bloq ! :')

Wow, its been ages since the last time Im here. Im missing my blog ! Like seriously I have no idea the last time I scrolled through my own blog. Well there's life out there I need to live in. Maybe I was just too busy to log in here. Too busy with the other social networks. Sorry blog. or maybe I was just run out of idea what to write here. These days Im kinda messed up few things. Lately Im being too emo almost about everything even with my friends. I just gotta admit it that I have a huge ego of not telling people what I really feels. I like to keep things by myself and maybe thats the reason I always end up heartbroken. see told ya Im being so emo. This is so not me ! I just need time to find the real me back to life. At the moment Im home. So thing gets pretty well and I have my mom to talk about everything I want even my love life which Im not sure if I have one. I dont really good in finding love and making one. For now I really not in the mood to give any commitment in relationship. I just like to mix around which obviously lots of people mistaken. Most of my friends are boys. The only reason is because boys are much more easier to be friend with compared to girls and boys are better at being friends rather than a boyfriend. I cant tolerate with some girls because I had lots of bad experiences with girlfriends. Jumping to the next topic, studying. Well I know studying is not the best thing I can do. Im always the average one among the others. So far studying in Masscomm gives me what I always wanted but these days being in Masscomm field is too common and I hate common things. People always give the wrong perception about Masscomm. They think if you want to be famous or future celebrity you take Masscomm and it is definitely wrong ! I hate how some narrow minded people think that Masscomm is a course for stupid people who chase after glamorous live. I dont take it that way. Well whatever it is Im glad that I choose Masscomm :)

okay so thats all I can tell right now. nothing much happened in my life.
till then, Im Najmie Zamrose signing out ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This heart wont pretend :)

Just so you know Im not the type of girl who goes from one boy to another for a real relationship. Im the type of girl who smiles to everyone no matter what gender you are as long as you are being nice to me. I dont go for real relationship in early knowing. In fact I wont bother to have a boyfriend for now. What Im looking for is to have real good friends which I would like to keep them forever. Seriously I have no intention to flirt with anyone right now and Im prefer to be friends with everyone including boys. I cant bare to pretend to like someone that Im not into just because sympathy. Lets keep things simple. You say hi to me and yeah I will say hi to you in return.  Dont put high hopes for me. I maybe look like into you but dont be surprise if one day I said you are just like my close friends. I dont play anyone's feelings or have the intention to hurt anyone. I just like to go with the flow. Lets see how far can I be without a special boy in my life. As for now I have no problems with that just sometimes I do get jealous looking at other couple's pictures. But hey someday I will find someone so for now Im still okay being with friends :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Once in a life time

well for those who already know about my spine surgery, nothing much to say. Im in healing process and by now I should have lots of rest . soon I'll be back in Uitm and there are lots of stuffs to catch. I mean studies and assignments. but then for now I can barely do any reading since I cant even duck or turn my body around. there is not much pain on the spine but it is a lot of pain on the chest . maybe its because of muscles cramp and all. The surgery took 6 hours and I was leaning on my chest for 6 hours with all the machines . thanks God I was unconscious and everything went well. It was so hard to open my eyes for the two days after the operation. Oh well it was a whole new experience for me. the nurses were nice and I was in a single room so yeah it was okay I guess. when people come I just say hi and sleep. cant do much anyway. For now all I want to do is recover and get my ass back on track in Uitm. I dont want to skip any sem. Please God make me the strongest person on earth :) Insyallah I will see you people in Lendu :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Be strong and spirit will comes along :)

In life you just have to be strong
you have to live your own life with your own feet
Have the courage to make changes in yourself
Dont listen too much from others
Life is all about standing on your own feet
Once you fall you just have to back up
Dont easily give up
Insyallah you can do it :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maybe Im more to the boyish side :)

 Jimmeh and Iman <3

Anis . Hannah . Booyah <3

I guess Im just better off with boys compared to girls. and thats the reason why Im a lil bit more boyish even when I wear girls attire :) I just can easily talk to boys friends and they actually always got my back and understand my situation. But that doesnt mean I cant talk to my girls friends. Its just that they are not as easy to talk to . There are always argument over every topic and disagreement at the end.  Im tired of those situation and if possible I just want to avoid that by just keep quite and listen to my type of music. Music indeed a very calming method . whatever it is I wont judge my girls either my boys. I just love them equally and I dont lie about that :) 

choke those words and never look back

next time whenever or wherever you see me you will be surprise to see the complete different of me. If thats what you want then it shall be happen :) still remember the words you told me? they still lingering in my mind and one day you wont get away and you have to complete all those promises you made. I' ll be waiting for the actual date when I can actually meet you again and let you see how people can change by times . thats all for now. till then.

bare this in mind !

It is so pathetic when your own friend cant accept the fact that you are not comfortable with the relationship she is having with someone that used to be close with you. and now that person never talk to you just because a silly reason. Its hard to explain something that they dont face it their self. the best that just listen to your own best friend. honestly I wont stop you do anything you want except if its bother me a lot ! seriously Im not the type of person who talk behind your back neither talk bad things about my own friend to the other friends . I just want you as my own friend understand the situation  Im facing now. Its not that hard you know or you want to face it only then you will know what it feels like ay ? no please never wish you are in my situation. It is such a disappointment when you have to face this. I love my friend and I never want to stop them from doing anything they want. but please for this time just for this time try to understand. If other people can see the complication why cant you ? 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BBQ set up Kuantan 2011


Its Friday Friday -.-

Its FRIDAY FRIDAY gotta get down and register on FRIDAY
Line up Line up Line up Yayyy !

Oh Mai its end of the holiday and everyone is sighing about going back to Uitm
as for me thats not really a good feeling
but I have no choice except to go back and 
lift my ass up the stairs again 
but I bet this sem will be much harder for me to move around compare to other sem
for some other reason I just dont wanna go back
and neither have break coz I dont want to skip my study
I just want to meet my friends and graduate the same time
even if I only skip one sem it will change everything that I had in mind

So farewell home and hello friends !
oh yeah not forgotten my juniors :D 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Action speaks louder than words

You dont have to speak 
You dont have to move 
You dont have to shout 
You dont have to tell
You dont have to cry
Some people will know how you feel only by looking at you
So yeah true friends can tell what you really feel no matter what :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Freak O Me

Unknown #1

Save us Mr Batman #2

Monster Ink #3

Logo #4

The Monggies #5

Those are the random drawing I did
Just so you people know I dont really have a talent in arts
so dont condemn me
that aint funny or nice
anyway ! I love what I drew even I dont really know what they are

Unspoken words

This is the part where Im going to put my egos away :)
I miss my friends and classmates and roommates
The most I miss those who are close to me 
In Kuantan I can barely talk to them
I can t even meet any of them
Yes they did ask me to come down to KL but then it just too far
I wish I can just start the engine and drive down to KL
but that is just impossible and my mom wont let me
Even they also cant come over here because of the distance
Yes some people said distance is never the reason
but then for me distance is a reason
Well the holiday is about to end
but Im pretty sure I wont be able to meet them on the same date we have to register

Oh my I miss how I used to talk random things with Jimmeh and Iman 
how I spend the night talking to Anis , Hannah, Booyah and Malini
how I spend tennis game with Meera and Coach Tar *he's not my friend more like my old brahh
and I miss more people there that I can barely tell
I miss the look of UiTM students when I smile at them along the lakeside walk 
I still remembered the day when I gathered all my friends and we had a long chat on the same table
when we dont really care what people would say
I love how they mock me when Im laughing 

Sometimes I missed my home when Im there
but the thought that I have couple of friends that I can really rely on makes me want to stay a little bit longer 
I dont want to miss studying with them
I just wan to grade with those awesome people I've known
Thanks to them for making Lendu a better place <3

Friday, May 6, 2011

Back then 5 months ago 

This is how they look now

look how big they have grown into :)
such an adorable twin
and they are so naughty 
i call them lil mischief :) hehe

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy birthday Booyah

OmmOmm *secret recipe brownies
Singing with passion -.-'
Oh hello thats Booyah <3

The crazyass twinny <3
Poker face ;D

27th April 2011 830pm from Lendu to Pak Putra to Karaoke to Movie to McD to the Beach to Sg Petai

Everything went well as we had planned and we did go to every places as possible as we could but with limited time because we had to catch the late night movie. It was such a great escape and worth the money we had spend. We had a great overnight and nothing could be better than a night spent with the lovely friends before each of us go back home separate way for a month. Don’t have much things to say just feel glad that I can spend time with Anis, Booyah and Hannah. Malini supposed to join us but something unpleasant happened so yeah she had to settle things instead of joining us. Thanks God nothing bad happened to us since we girls except in the beach. We were companied by two boys who were so nice for joining us there. Thanks to Ian and Takie. Lastly, Happy 20th Birthday AGAIN Booyah. Looking forward too see these familiar faces on the upcoming sem. xoxo