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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flipping through the pictures

Friends who i can really rely on <3

Twinnies <3

Ze levelmates <3>
Ze people <3>

The Biatches <3

Its hard to explain what i really feel here
I cant deny that sometimes i have a very hard time to put myself in this situation
but at the same time Im glad to be here and meet some people here
sometimes i tend to neglect the feeling i feel when everyone's home for weekend and i have to be in Lendu
Its not like i dont care to go back it just that i dont really have the gut to go back by bus
not trying to be a spoil brat just dont want to put myself in trouble
Yes i admit it i have few close friends here
and im still trying to get to know with lots of people around here
Im tryibg to be friendly but sometimes people misunderstood and make their own stupid assumption
I dont want to look for any enemy or whatsoever
but some people just dont know how to appreciate friendships
and that bother me a lot
I cant run away from problems and from haters
i cant blame them for being like that
because lots of people had warn me that one thing i have to tolerate with is the Masscommers
some of them are fake and some of them are hypocrite
but then im sure i made a right decision when i took masscomm :)

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