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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scary Merry Strawberry -.-

Well its nearly the end of the sem but apparently its the beginning of new issues in UiTM Lendu. yeah im talking about the campus im studying in. Its been worst lately since lots of cases happened in here. the latest one as you can read in the news paper about a man who recently raped a student. Just after the man was caught more weird things happened here. some girls said there was one night a boy wearing boxer sneak into the girls dorm. thanks god he didnt get the chance to do anything because some of the girls saw him. other than that, more missing valuable things cases. I dont really know when and how he got the chance but it sure does effect my emotion and mental . no Im not kidding . In fact I have to sleep without opening the windows and that is seriously pathetic. Im starting to wonder who the hell that causes all this chaos. Is it the student itself or is it someone who pretend to be the workers in UiTM. But where were the guards when we need them the most . hello, our security is not safe here. Im glad its the end of the same. I just want to get out from here as soon as possible without anything happen to me. I pray to Allah so who ever that cause all this will stop doing those stupid things. For godsake we are in the same campus and in the same situation. If you are too tension or have money problems solve it in a good way. dont treat us girls like this. You should be protecting us not hurting us.

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