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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy birthday Booyah

OmmOmm *secret recipe brownies
Singing with passion -.-'
Oh hello thats Booyah <3

The crazyass twinny <3
Poker face ;D

27th April 2011 830pm from Lendu to Pak Putra to Karaoke to Movie to McD to the Beach to Sg Petai

Everything went well as we had planned and we did go to every places as possible as we could but with limited time because we had to catch the late night movie. It was such a great escape and worth the money we had spend. We had a great overnight and nothing could be better than a night spent with the lovely friends before each of us go back home separate way for a month. Don’t have much things to say just feel glad that I can spend time with Anis, Booyah and Hannah. Malini supposed to join us but something unpleasant happened so yeah she had to settle things instead of joining us. Thanks God nothing bad happened to us since we girls except in the beach. We were companied by two boys who were so nice for joining us there. Thanks to Ian and Takie. Lastly, Happy 20th Birthday AGAIN Booyah. Looking forward too see these familiar faces on the upcoming sem. xoxo

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