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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just so you know

First, I maybe look quite crazy outside but still I know the fact that we need to respect others in every way possible. Doesn’t matter how old is he or she, but for me respect must be earn. And that is exactly what Im expecting from others. To treat me with respect even Im not that quiet or the type that stay at one place. Being polite is the most basic thing you need to know. And don’t give me the excuse saying that you were grown up that way. Oh well hello you are big enough to think what’s good and what’s not for you so yeah don’t make me call you dumbass.

Second, I know Im not the type of person who will be missed by anyone if im gone or suddenly out missing. I don’t ask for that type of attention, I just want to be seen as a friend who people can rely on and trust to tell anything. I just want people around me to feel comfortable to talk with me. Yes i like to joke around but trust me I have no intention to hurt or make fun of anyone feeling. Maybe you would say I can’t keep secret but Im telling you as far as I know I never failed to keep all the secrets that people had been telling me before even Im no longer meet or talk to them now.

Third, it’s hard for me to control myself at times. You can consider me as a grumpy teenager but it has nothing to do with the past I had. It’s just the blood that flows in my body that makes me a hot-tempered person. Sometimes I do try to control it but sometimes I just had to lose it or else I will have a major bad mood and heavy feelings that will only make my anger grow broader and eventually will only affect the people around me. I can easily get annoyed to my surroundings and the people around me. Not to say that they are annoying, but sometimes people tend to do something that they never expect will annoyed people like me.

Fourth, never ever leave me hanging or waiting for your so called text. This is the most annoying thing that always happens to me and makes me want to slam that particular person’s face on the wall. At least, when you are texting with me have the courtesy to tell me when you want to stop texting. No such thing as sorry I though you okay with it. The least you can do is send me one last text even is it says BYE or BRB or TEXT YOU SOON. Whatever that make sense than you just make me wait for your text. Call me emotional or whatsoever you want to call but yeah that can be considered rude too. I really hate it when people text me just to ask me some questions then just missing in action without saying bye.

Well for now that’s the only things that you people should know. Till then bye everyone :)

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