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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unspoken words

This is the part where Im going to put my egos away :)
I miss my friends and classmates and roommates
The most I miss those who are close to me 
In Kuantan I can barely talk to them
I can t even meet any of them
Yes they did ask me to come down to KL but then it just too far
I wish I can just start the engine and drive down to KL
but that is just impossible and my mom wont let me
Even they also cant come over here because of the distance
Yes some people said distance is never the reason
but then for me distance is a reason
Well the holiday is about to end
but Im pretty sure I wont be able to meet them on the same date we have to register

Oh my I miss how I used to talk random things with Jimmeh and Iman 
how I spend the night talking to Anis , Hannah, Booyah and Malini
how I spend tennis game with Meera and Coach Tar *he's not my friend more like my old brahh
and I miss more people there that I can barely tell
I miss the look of UiTM students when I smile at them along the lakeside walk 
I still remembered the day when I gathered all my friends and we had a long chat on the same table
when we dont really care what people would say
I love how they mock me when Im laughing 

Sometimes I missed my home when Im there
but the thought that I have couple of friends that I can really rely on makes me want to stay a little bit longer 
I dont want to miss studying with them
I just wan to grade with those awesome people I've known
Thanks to them for making Lendu a better place <3

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