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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bare this in mind !

It is so pathetic when your own friend cant accept the fact that you are not comfortable with the relationship she is having with someone that used to be close with you. and now that person never talk to you just because a silly reason. Its hard to explain something that they dont face it their self. the best that just listen to your own best friend. honestly I wont stop you do anything you want except if its bother me a lot ! seriously Im not the type of person who talk behind your back neither talk bad things about my own friend to the other friends . I just want you as my own friend understand the situation  Im facing now. Its not that hard you know or you want to face it only then you will know what it feels like ay ? no please never wish you are in my situation. It is such a disappointment when you have to face this. I love my friend and I never want to stop them from doing anything they want. but please for this time just for this time try to understand. If other people can see the complication why cant you ? 

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