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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Once in a life time

well for those who already know about my spine surgery, nothing much to say. Im in healing process and by now I should have lots of rest . soon I'll be back in Uitm and there are lots of stuffs to catch. I mean studies and assignments. but then for now I can barely do any reading since I cant even duck or turn my body around. there is not much pain on the spine but it is a lot of pain on the chest . maybe its because of muscles cramp and all. The surgery took 6 hours and I was leaning on my chest for 6 hours with all the machines . thanks God I was unconscious and everything went well. It was so hard to open my eyes for the two days after the operation. Oh well it was a whole new experience for me. the nurses were nice and I was in a single room so yeah it was okay I guess. when people come I just say hi and sleep. cant do much anyway. For now all I want to do is recover and get my ass back on track in Uitm. I dont want to skip any sem. Please God make me the strongest person on earth :) Insyallah I will see you people in Lendu :)

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