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Friday, September 23, 2011

Growing with new people

Class Of 3H 11'

Lately, I cant seems to get along with lots of people .
I just realize as we grow older we will meet all sorts of human being
After all this years, I've been making bond with every types of people you named it.
Unfortunately, only few that still stay around with me since I like to maintain a small circle of friends
I tend to lost friends every time I move from one place to another
Most of them are my friends from my primary schools and high schools .

Unlike most people, my family moved a lot and we are still going to move around until my dad retired I guess
Living in a big family doesn't really require me to have lots of friends.
I have my big sisters, little sister and little brother to go anywhere with
But still sometimes only sometimes when I feel like going out with friends I have a group of people I can rely on
The truth is, who doesnt need friends ?
Its just that it is more comfortable to mingle with few of friends that already understand us
In a way, we can tell them whatever we feel like telling without having second thoughts :)

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