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Monday, September 26, 2011

Pretty Little Thing

Without knowing it, the days in uitm is reaching to it ends 
I cant wish more than to be back home with z family 
The joy I had here for this short sem.....yeah a real short sem for me thou, will never be forgotten (typical line when the sem is about to end) LOL
But then I cant deny the fact that I had a great time here

Most of my time were filled with random things sort of like eating junk, making stupid jokes, staring at strangers (which might sound a lil bit pervert) , 
and other things that you can never imagine
Meeting new people doesnt seems to give me much excitement, unless when I came across some good looking juniors (mostly girls)....errmm well I dont really consider 
myself as senior but just to make it specific
Like seriously, most of the girls are so pretty I feel so ugly everytime I see them -.-'

The anxiety of getting over this sem without failing or repeating any subject
 is torturing me a lot
But I feel a bit relieve to see my carry marks wasnt that bad
In fact, it might be better than the last sem which I almost tripped 
to below my expected pointer
So far, alhamdulillah I did my best and it was paid with a positive pointers :)

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