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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Psychology : .............

Truth to be told I wasn't expecting the paper to be that hard ! 

Before the exam : Ohhh ohh Im ready !

First 5 minutes : Wow actually the paper is okay(before flipping through the whole paper)

Next 30 minutes : Oh God what the hell is blablabla ?

Critical time : Like seriously ? 

Last 30 minutes : Why am I still blank ?

End of the paper : Hmmm (redha)

So, that was literally what happened during my psychology paper. I was quite disappointed with the paper and myself though. I thought after few days of reading the same book and notes can help me a lot with the paper. But somehow, it went wrong and I was blank during the examination. The major problem was , me myself and I. When I read too much and memorize too much I tend to forget which answer is for which question. It all got mixed up and my brain wont cooperate with me. Well lets just hope I did just well and the least I will get for my paper is B- :)

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