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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scrolling In The Deep

Sooo, I was so bored and this idea of reading blogs somehow came on the perfect timing. 
Reading other blogs made me realize how weak my English was and still is :( 
Those blogs I read, enlighten me that people who read a lot usually have this power to be able to use bombastic words to make their sentences more interesting. 
Well, at least Im trying my best to polish my english. 
As far as Im concerned , my mom was the one who teach me english and I did learn a lot from her.
 I talked english whenever I feel like talking but somehow there's a group of narrow minded people who think they are well verse in Malay and condemned other Malay people who use english in their communication. 
I have to bear with all the critics and those blabla things they said. 
For your information , I never failed my Malay exam and to be truth I always scored A for both my Malay and English paper. 
So dont mind telling me what you think because really I dont care.  

Mood : Moody (esok exam)


  1. best of luck nemmy...and ur english is dang gooddd :D no need to polish polish :P

  2. less is more . simple , always works . no need to use those da boom words .ingt tu ! your english is good .