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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bad Bad Holiday Routine

Seriously, I really have no idea whats the point of my holiday
Apart from mentally and physically rest
 I really have nothing much to do
Obviously Im a jobless kid
and now Im a broken ass

my stupid routine :
Monday-Sunday : Sleep . Play games . Watch stupid movies .Eat junk foods . Online

and this will go on until the sem break ends -.-'

I have no money and automatically makes me lifeless
Well if only I have the money it wont change much
Still Im in Kuantan and there are no places I could spend on

I thought I made a pretty good plan for my holiday
but oh well I know myself well
not the type who goes well with schedule and all
Its been two weeks since my holiday starts
and now I owe everyone a visit
I shall make it works if the distance is not this far
Insyallah if I have the permission I shall visit everyone ;)

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