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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Im just gonna say this one last time
'Is there anyone who can help me to choose which Dslr should I buy?'
its between D90 and D5100
Im totally have no idea why am I thinking so much about it
Maybe because Im putting much patience for this decision
Ive been waiting for the right time to ask for a dslr
since Im going to use it for the next semester I think I have the rights to ask for one
Well obviously, its gonna be in a good hand 
Im so gonna love it like I love song baby
and I keep clicking king king king :p
Okay now im talking nonsense 
anyway, I still havent decided which should I buy
everyone is welcomed to give me suggestion
much needed if you are a camera pro ;D
till then, I need to make up my mind in peace
Roger and out !

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