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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Greetings From Kuantan

So yeah here I am in Kuantan

people might ask me :
whats good to be in Kuantan ?

I'll give this simple answer :
I have my family here

Okay truth to be told, I dont really like to be in Kuantan but as long as my family is here Im cool with it. I dont give you random answer. Thats what really what I have in mind. I dont have any friends in here and the only place I go for entertainment is the only mall there. Sometimes when I feel like hanging out with my siblings at night, we just have to go to the same place since there is no other place for us to hang out. I dont know, is it just me or everyone else is having the same problem here in Kuantan. Maybe Im just being too exaggerating about how boring Kuantan is. 

Anyway, Happy Holiday Ya Olls ! 
Enjoy this holiday as long as you deserve it
and here the list of things I'll do for the sembreak :

1. Food Hunting
2. Buy few things
3. Get my hair fixed and colored
4. Meet and Greet random people
5. Get my ass down to kl
6. Reading some stuffs
7. Clean up my room

Apparently, I have a long list of things to do. So I better start something today. But I have the sense that I will procrastinating lots of things in the list as as always -.-' The next time Im here I'll update you guys with the latest achievement I've done. Till then see ya later alligator ! :)

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