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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another empty letter

"Knowing you is more than enough but to not knowing you I think is better"

Sounds familiar to you? NO? oh well it does to me. The person I don't want to be around with is the person I got to see the most. Mostly every single f* day. Some people they just come for a while and disappear like they were never exist but some they just stay even when you think they are not. Maybe they are there, watching you from distances. Scary isn't it? but it is the reality you cannot run away from.

 I'm so used to feeling like an outsider and that is just the way I like it. Sometimes, I just can't ind anyone to get along with because most of the time I am more comfortable mixing around with my usual faces. I can hardly explain types of person I usually get along with. It usually happens without I realize. But just to be clear, I do get along pretty well with most people I know but still, I find it weird or maybe more to awkward to hangout with someone you barely talk to. sooooo yeahhhhhhh. 

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