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Friday, July 18, 2014

All in all

In the world of many people, none of us are the same. That is how precious a person can be. So why waste time and let other people downgrading us with their words and treatment? If you are not happy, GO and walk away. Never let anyone takes you for granted. Let yourself be appreciated and appreciating. 

I want to be surrounded with positive people. People who won't blame other people for shitty things that happened to them. Instead, they figure out ways to overcome it. When people make promises, the chances of them breaking those promises are big. So it is real when they say you can never trust anyone. 

 "I'm aware of what you are going through. If you need someone to talk to you can always talk to me" Where else can you hear that from rather than those people who truly loved you. All of my life, I had devoted to try my best not to cry in front of anyone. I just had to clench my teeth and look up while holding up my tears. I don't want people to see I'm sad neither do I want to make them feel sorry for me. Everyone has their own problem or maybe problems to deal with. So why should I be such a burden to them. "I'm a tough child, I can do this on my own". Thus, I tell that to myself. 

Maybe I should treasure my life and appreciate what have been given to me by God and cherish all the sweet moments I already have in life. There are times, bitter path is the only option left, but don't let it stops you from going any further in life. Maybe the right time will come. Or maybe you just have to force it to come...Soo yeah..

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