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Friday, July 4, 2014

like helloo

Never been in a relationship does not mean the person knows nothing about it. Sometimes when you have seen too much, you tend to avoid things that are unnecessary in life. 
I've been getting a lot of "kau tau apa Nemmy,  you never had a boyfriend before". "Bitch, I wouldn't date people just to get the title of being someone's girlfriend"....
People kept saying that to me as in relationship gets better from one relationship to another. Like hello, I am not blind and neither am I stupid. 
I'm trying to skip those chapters where I have to meet few guys before I met the one. No I don't need that. I observe almost everything around me. 
Many times I chose to keep observing and teach myself not to get into some dramatic life where everyone is expecting something from someone. 
I chose my life path. I chose to be alone. I still have my family 
and few friends that treat me like how I want to be treated. 
I appreciate those people who were there for me and are still here for me. I know myself and I do not need anyone to know me better, just stop expecting me to 
be something that I am not.  I am a 22 years old grown
 up who has a lot more to treasure and long term goals I need to achieve. 
It would be great to have someone to help you along the way, 
but if I'm better off solo, Insya Allah that won't stop me. 
Trust me, I ain't easy to be someone who looks strong on the outside.
 People tend to mistaken you as rude and heartless, but the truth is I only have  myself to rely on and I only trust myself on that. 

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