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Brace yourself to take a deep dive of my thoughts which involve different waves of emotions. I rarely write these days. Partly because I try hard not to embrace my inner demon and also I have my other online diary which happens to be my twitter. Here is when I wish to write more than 140 characters. I ain't no Lang Leav, but we sure share the same emotions. ;) email me at najmiezamrose@yahoo.com

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Take a break

Yes, finally...semester break. Just what I needed the most. Back on my bed, my room, my comfort zone. It has been months since the last time I really had a chance to waste time on bed, reading the never ending english novels and waking up late in the afternoon. Doesn't matter how many hours I've been wasting, still I can lay on bed doing nothing with my evil phone and not worrying on assignments and deadlines. I know it may sound very unhealthy, but I can't have these once I'm back in my uni. I have always enjoy my "me" time where I get to do things I wanna do without pressure and without people asking me to. This is my happiness. 

Back in my uni, I was certainly unhappy with what I was doing.  Maybe I am happy but the again, I am good at faking it also. Don't really know what to feel. And also I was unsure of what I want or not sure if I made the right decision on everything. At some point I was totally lost and all I ever needed was to find someone to talk to. But Najmie being Najmie, I chose to keep things to myself and act nothing about it. I just held it in. Well I survived ! :D

I know if I put a little more effort in everything I do, I would be on the top of my life right now. But no, I was not clever enough to decide that for myself. I was very good in giving advises I forgot that I needed those for myself as well.  I know what I should have done only when everything is too late. Boo me..I know right? Oh then again, life goes on. Now can we all just take a break and enjoy the semester break. More things are coming. This is only the beginning of being what so called young adult. Kbai.

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