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Sunday, July 20, 2014

What about humanity these days. Is it no longer applicable in the world we are living now?

 I am sad. Sad knowing the truth of what is happening around the world. Sad for not being able to help the unfortunate people in Gaza, my dear Muslim sisters and brothers. I feel sorry for them, for being in such an unfair war. How they are being treated or to be exact, tortured every single day. Over 300 Palestinians have been killed, 77% of them are civilians, a quarter of them are children. Over 2200 have been injured and more than 2000 homes destroyed. I wish I could be there with them not to witness the massacre but to help them, to help them in any ways possible. Either spiritually or physically. My heart is aching to do something about it. Of course, doa is the most powerful weapon but still I haven't done anything much to help them. I know if I were to be there, I won't bare the sight I'll be seeing. The pictures are enough to show the world what it is like in Gaza right now. What do you expect, being bombed from all over places, sea/air/ground. They have no where to escape. I know I am not that strong to face the life of innocent children being left alone, being separated from their parents, sitting next to their dying parents, dead bodies everywhere, and more extreme sights. But, I wanna do something. I wanna do something about it. And the world too should do something. This isn't about religion or country, this is about the death of innocent people. Writing this up wouldn't bring any benefits either, I know, but I just need to voice out my opinion. But who cares right? Who cares about an opinion coming from a commoner right? Sigh.

But this isn't the end. We Muslim knows, the world isn't the last stop. Allah knows better.

P/s : If anyone knows how I can participate in any mercy team to Gaza, do tell me. Because I would love to take part and help. Thank you.

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