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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Self reminder

Do not let people control your life. Do what you wanna do. Think of your own consequences and if you are all aware of the risks and don't mind to fail, go ahead. Stop letting people influenced your mind with their perceptions and their "i think you...". Just in case you are having doubts with your decision, ask only one person that you can really trust and rely on. I can't tell you the person because it may be different from my type of shoulder to cry on.  The person that will make you feel better about yourself. The person that helps you to clear the path and not the person who makes path for you. Always have faith in yourself and know your limit. Do not always stay in your comfort zone and as well as not to go beyond what you are capable of. Unless if you are trying to challenge yourself in a good way. I am suddenly writing this is to convince myself that, at the end of the day, the decision is yours and it is your right to decide your own path. You can take the path that is less taken or maybe you want to follow the crowd. It all depends on you. You may come to a point in live where everything is just wrong and you seem to regret all the decisions you made, but get yourself together. Pick yourself up. Coz if you don't, nobody will and you will be drifted away in regrets. So yeah wtv... 

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