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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Here's to everyone that has no interest in holding grudge to anyone. Oh well, as we grow up, we meet many kinds of people from the kindest to the meanest. I have come to a point of life where I refuse to let other people's judgments shape my mind. We can't avoid the habit of judging and also judgmental people. The best thing to do is to let them say whatever they want because we all do that, we all judge people from the first meeting without really knowing the person (sorry).
 Anyway, back to my first point, grudge. You know, whenever people hurt us emotionally or physically but we are incapable of fighting back, it hurts. It will automatically mark a scar in the heart for keeping it to ourselves. It makes us not to forgive the person who caused us the trouble and teach us to hold vengeance, which is a very negative thing to do. 
 As for me, I often teach myself not to let people hurt me that way. I would prefer to settle things once in for all. I really think it is unhealthy to let yourself keep the anger or grudge within you. It will eventually eat you inside and make you unhappy. I am now teaching myself to look for things that can bring me happiness instead of thinking about the things I regret or the things I should have done in the past. Truth is, I can't change my past,not that I don't want to but nobody can. So might as well I give my best for the present that will determine my future.
Hopefully whenever I apologize to someone for my mistakes, they will forgive me and no longer mad at me for I may have hurt them in a way I don't realize. 

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