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Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter to the authority, perhaps?

You know the best place to find weird people? The public transport ! In my case it got to be the train or to be exact, the KTM. Because most of the time, I'll take KTM (not by my choice) to travel to places. If you wanna see the real people living in your country, go take a ride on the train. You'll meet the most unexpected species of human there. The numb-nuts, the douche, the selfish prick, the good guy, the most charming people, the most bitter look and etc...You'll be surprised with what you are living with. The fun part is when you meet random people you can talk to while waiting for the train. Just a simple empty conversation. But most of the time, you'll prefer to put your ear piece on and not to give a damn about the surroundings. 

I had to travel to work using the KTM and it was no fun at all. Most of the time, I had to wait more than half an hour for the train which costed me waste of a lot of time. But to be honest, KTM helps me a lot during my working days.  I am glad that they have the ladies coach for the safety of the ladies. But when you are travelling during the peak hours, those divided coaches will not be able to separate the ladies with the men. And it will be nasty and sticky, that I can ensure you. I always wonder what it feels like to travel with train in other place. I mean, other people in other country seem to appreciate their public transports more than the Malaysian do. Maybe because of the punctuality of the public transports. Unlike the one we have here and yes I am complaining :p Still hoping that one day they'll upgrade their services which will give people like me a more convenience transport. Okay maybe I'll write to the authority someday...

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