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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My deterioration in writings....

I wonder if people still blog these days. You know, sometimes when you can no longer see people updating their blog and you barely write anything on your blog, blogging seems so undesirable. For me, I would occasionally write whenever I feel like writing and most of the time I'll write during night hours because that is the only perfectly quiet time to write. Sometimes I just feel like writing about what I was like during my younger days. But then again, I would prefer to verbally tell you those stories because it will take hours for me to finish. Maybe someday I can write a book about myself (if only anyone is interested to know) HAHA. 

Blogging has never been so much fun compared to the day when I first started blogging. The only device I had, to go online, was my dad's laptop which most of the time will be kept with him. I have to quietly tip-toed into his study room to take his laptop and take it to my room. I only had few hours to go online before dawn, because that was when his alarm will wake him up. Not once that I can remember I was caught using his laptop. It was the old school notebook, but very useful for me at that time. 

Now with too many social medias, blogging is no longer interesting to some people. Except for the place to spread cheap rumors or as gossiping sites. Pathetic, I know. But that is what blogs serve for nowadays. I don't think anyone would read my blog because mostly I only talk about myself. Just like what is written on my top page. More like my personal diary but at the same time it is open for anyone to read. But I am still trying to fix my writing skill as it becomes more harder than it seems. The more I learn to write, the more mistakes I make.