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Sunday, November 30, 2014

hate letter

Never in my life have I encountered such a pathetic human being. I hope you won't suffer the same way I did. I hope you'll be better than what I'm expecting you to be. I hope someday you'll realize that it is bad to make fun of someone's heart. You should learn to start doing what you preached. Because you disgust me with all the things you portrayed to people. You should be successful in the future as you have no shame. No shame at all. I am glad I am able to remove such a parasite from ruining more of what left in my 2014 memories.  No thanks to you. Please. You are never a joy in my life. I don't even know where you came from that you are suddenly playing such a big role in this hating scene. Please know that I have no fun knowing people like ya'll. Hate maybe a strong word to be used but I am definitely, surely, strongly hate people of your kind. The most selfish, fucking venom, heartless, shameless, brainless and all of the above. Nothing you can do to change my mind and the filthy way I am looking at you now. You're so mean you don't even think of the consequences of your doings. You only do what you feel like doing without thinking what harm it may gives to the people around you. You have no shame at all to share things you are not supposed to. Don't you have feelings? I mean how could you appeared to be such angelic but truth is you are just another little bitch. Sorry for being rude but I cannot help it. I have to admit I have so much hate for you. Good luck in life. I hope you'll realize one day. sigh

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