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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thank you God for....

You know you don't usually have the chance to tell someone what you really feel because of certain issues. It might be trust issue or not good in sharing or fail to express or might be on other issues. Those things have always been my issues. Not only one but all of those mentioned. For years I have learnt to keep everything to myself or talk to myself and if it is already too much to keep, I talked to Him. I tell Him the stories I knew He knows. Alhamdulillah, it helps me a lot. More than I can ever tell. Somehow I feel that I am more comfortable talking to myself rather than tell stories to the other person that might not know how to respond to me since I am a very weird kid, that I must say. But the point is, now I am glad that I am more open with my close friend. To tell things I don't tell others because finally I found a person I can share my stories with. Not trying to be sweet here but really, I can talk to this particular person almost about everything and still feel okay with it. Well, it is true, it feels good to be able to share your problems with the right person. Most of the time I don't expect for a feedback or whatsoever, I just needed to talk. So that is what we always do. Just talk, exchange some stories before bedtime. In a way it helps us to know each other better. Sometimes, it is so embarrasing to be very fragile and open with someone, because to be honest I don't like people seeing me weak or in other word, brokenhearted but it also helps me to put my ego aside. So yeah, I believe I am now a better person as I have successfully taught myself to share my personal thing with people around (only one or two selected people only) me. Thank you God for granting me these kind people. So yeah. Okay. 

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