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Brace yourself to take a deep dive of my thoughts which involve different waves of emotions. I rarely write these days. Partly because I try hard not to embrace my inner demon and also I have my other online diary which happens to be my twitter. Here is when I wish to write more than 140 characters. I ain't no Lang Leav, but we sure share the same emotions. ;) email me at najmiezamrose@yahoo.com

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

3 Fesyen Baju Terkini To Suit Your Style

The fashion industry is always booming with new designs of apparel every season and sometimes it will be difficult for the fashionistas to keep track. For the fashion lovers who want to know what the latest fashion trends in the market are these days, there are 3 fesyen baju terkini for women.  The first fashion clothing that every woman can see glamming up the windows of retail shops is party dresses. Before, party dresses are known to be a choice for women who live an extravagant lifestyle. However, nowadays there are many dinner event and private parties that women are invited to attend. The fashionable ladies will definitely buy a piece or two stylish party dresses instead of the typical little black dress to flaunt in front of others.

The next latest clothing for women this season is cropped jackets. Jackets are seen to be one of the fashion items women chooses to perk up their outfit for an improved yet effortless look. Cropped jackets can be worn by women to the office, on a date, a casual day out or event on vacations looking gorgeously chic. Women can pair it with a nice skirt, shorts or even jeans as cropped jackets are versatile to style.

Lastly, the palazzo pants are gaining a huge attention from ladies of all age as it has that touch of femininity, chic and casualness. Women can wear it to various occasions without ever feeling out of place or even out of style. Match it with a blouse, short, t-shirt or even a tank top and you will have that easy-going yet mature look. Interested ladies who cannot wait to get these 3 latest apparels should check out ZALORA as it offers a wide range of latest trends for women to purchase online.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Favourite people

That mix feelings you have when the final semester is about to end and you realized so is your time to spend with the people you are already attached with. After this, life will be much different from what I have experienced. The very best part of my degree is the people I got to live with. I must say, they are among the best people I have ever met. They were never my close friends back in diploma even though we came from the same campus back in Lendu, except for Najieha. Surprisingly we managed to build a very close friendship with each other more than I ever expected. They are the kind of people I would stay awake even after a tiring day just to have our chit chat session. The conversation can be quite draggy but who cares? I mean, most of the time we share about the things we did on the day and talked about stupid things (none related to other people). I don't even care if we have to share the small bed together just to talk with each other. These people are the people that give me so much happiness in degree life. They can be annoying at times but I am annoying as well, so nobody is complaining about anyone being annoying. I hope they didn't do that behind my back? :p Oh man, I'm sure going to miss them the most especially my annoying roommate. There will be no more pillow talks, no more being rascal together, no more my complain buddy, no more my loyal listener, no more exchanging clothes, no one to bully....I can go all day listing all the fun things we usually do but it will be never ending list. I don't wanna sound so gay but man..
I'll miss those things.Tahi lah. 
You know, leaving diploma was not hard for me because I knew i'll be seeing the same people again in degree but now, it will be such an emotional thing to do to leave degree later (I can see future). You know you won't be able to have all these anymore because there will be no more of these after this. FAHAM TAK?! After this everyone will go separate ways hoping to meet again in the working environment. But even so, that will still be different because you will only see each other maybe once a week and that if only everyone is working in the same field. No more coming home shouting to each other or cooking dinner together or singing with annoying pitch and tones together and no more random mamak sesh with these people. What if everyone migrated elsewhere than in Malaysia. Oh damn, this thing about leaving degree is such a hard thing to deal with. Why do I have to meet the fun bunch and have to leave them later. I hope, I will still able to meet them whenever I want to after this. I will always pray the best for them as they are the best of the best people in life. And I am sorry if I said harsh words but you know I mean those words in a good way. I admit that I am mean sometimes but never in my intention to hurt anyone's feelings. I just had to say what was in my mind and I am no good in giving fancy or sweet words. Maybe I am just poor in choosing the right words to say. Okay sorry. So yeah, thank you for always cheering my days up guys. Love love. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life has been nasty lately. So many things to be done in a very short period. And I am still trying my best to juggle between assignments. Ignore the dark circles and crappy face when you see me because I don't bother to look at my very best when so many things running on my head (excuses huh). Assignments as usual, pilling up during the final week and stealing my sleeping time away from me. The only time I have to rest my head is during the gap between classes and only if I am lucky enough. Who am I to complain when those are my responsibilities as a student. I applied for these so shut up Najmie ! and start minimize the burdens. On the bright side, it helps me to distract myself from unnecessary thoughts. Going home every weekend is a must or i'll go insane locking myself inside the room. Okay maybe I am exaggerating on that part but really, most of the time I'll be in front of my laptop trying to settle few things one by one. as well as trying to get myself together by watching funny videos or watching runningman. Sad life I know. As for now, I am counting days to end all the shit loads and have some free time, hanging out with my close friends, laying all day on bed because those are the things that usually make me happy. For now, I just have to deal with all the pressures and pretend I am still working normally. till then....chow...

Monday, December 8, 2014

I should have known better problems won't go away unless you fix it. But in my case, I don't have the guts to settle my problems. Not that I don't want to but I've been trying many ways to fix it but still its there and I just have to pretend like it is not bothering me. I know some people may say I am looking very peaceful but God knows how many things I have to endure in one time. Alhamdulillah family and close friends are very supportive and always there to listen to me. Typical me, I would rather ignore the feelings than talking about it again and again. I know the only way for me to be better is to forgive and forget. But until now I am not able to do that. I don't even know why. I am so full of anger and disappointment. If only I don't control my emotion, I would have killed a person or maybe more. 

It is nearly the end of the semester, the thought of ending my final semester is all in one.  I am happy that I can finally escape from this shitty Shah Alam but at the same time I'll be leaving the place where I found awesome people in my life. In fact, the people here remind me so much on the real value of friendship. Some of the people here have been with me since forever and some for only a short period but they have been like a family to me ever since. Thank God for letting these people into my life. As much as a bitter person I am, they still accept me and always there so be my back bone here in Shah Alam. I don't have to mention their name here, enough to let people know how much I appreciate these people in life. Buttttt at the same time I am not fond of staying much longer here with all the things happening around me. I can't even tell what makes me feel all these discomfort, but really, I wish I don't have to go through all these much longer. You know what, just get me out of here. End.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All I ever wanted to do is to travel the world. I may be far from my goal,
 but I am surely getting there. Slowly but Insya Allah someday
I will prove to myself that I am far more better than what I am now. 
To travel for me is not to shop but rather enjoy the scenery and
 learn cultures in different countries. I want to travel to places 
with mountains and rivers, surrounded with many different people 
and places I am not familiar with. I want to find a job that will take me to places 
I never thought I would reach. I know to have all I need to give extra efforts
 and it will surely stress the hell out of me. 
But if that what it takes to be where I aim myself to be, then be it.
 I have realized, waiting for someone to take you to somewhere 
you want to go will never get you anywhere. It has always been you and yourself. 
Depending on someone will make you unable to see your real capability, 
it wastes your time while waiting for other people. 
For that, I'll be the girl that gets want she wants with her own way. 
By hook or by crook I will make myself proud of me.
 Okay, maybe that is too much of self-obsessed, but what the hell,
 that is just how things work nowadays. Go Najmie go ! okay enough..