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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Favourite people

That mix feelings you have when the final semester is about to end and you realized so is your time to spend with the people you are already attached with. After this, life will be much different from what I have experienced. The very best part of my degree is the people I got to live with. I must say, they are among the best people I have ever met. They were never my close friends back in diploma even though we came from the same campus back in Lendu, except for Najieha. Surprisingly we managed to build a very close friendship with each other more than I ever expected. They are the kind of people I would stay awake even after a tiring day just to have our chit chat session. The conversation can be quite draggy but who cares? I mean, most of the time we share about the things we did on the day and talked about stupid things (none related to other people). I don't even care if we have to share the small bed together just to talk with each other. These people are the people that give me so much happiness in degree life. They can be annoying at times but I am annoying as well, so nobody is complaining about anyone being annoying. I hope they didn't do that behind my back? :p Oh man, I'm sure going to miss them the most especially my annoying roommate. There will be no more pillow talks, no more being rascal together, no more my complain buddy, no more my loyal listener, no more exchanging clothes, no one to bully....I can go all day listing all the fun things we usually do but it will be never ending list. I don't wanna sound so gay but man..
I'll miss those things.Tahi lah. 
You know, leaving diploma was not hard for me because I knew i'll be seeing the same people again in degree but now, it will be such an emotional thing to do to leave degree later (I can see future). You know you won't be able to have all these anymore because there will be no more of these after this. FAHAM TAK?! After this everyone will go separate ways hoping to meet again in the working environment. But even so, that will still be different because you will only see each other maybe once a week and that if only everyone is working in the same field. No more coming home shouting to each other or cooking dinner together or singing with annoying pitch and tones together and no more random mamak sesh with these people. What if everyone migrated elsewhere than in Malaysia. Oh damn, this thing about leaving degree is such a hard thing to deal with. Why do I have to meet the fun bunch and have to leave them later. I hope, I will still able to meet them whenever I want to after this. I will always pray the best for them as they are the best of the best people in life. And I am sorry if I said harsh words but you know I mean those words in a good way. I admit that I am mean sometimes but never in my intention to hurt anyone's feelings. I just had to say what was in my mind and I am no good in giving fancy or sweet words. Maybe I am just poor in choosing the right words to say. Okay sorry. So yeah, thank you for always cheering my days up guys. Love love. 

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