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Brace yourself to take a deep dive of my thoughts which involve different waves of emotions. I rarely write these days. Partly because I try hard not to embrace my inner demon and also I have my other online diary which happens to be my twitter. Here is when I wish to write more than 140 characters. I ain't no Lang Leav, but we sure share the same emotions. ;) email me at najmiezamrose@yahoo.com

Monday, December 8, 2014

I should have known better problems won't go away unless you fix it. But in my case, I don't have the guts to settle my problems. Not that I don't want to but I've been trying many ways to fix it but still its there and I just have to pretend like it is not bothering me. I know some people may say I am looking very peaceful but God knows how many things I have to endure in one time. Alhamdulillah family and close friends are very supportive and always there to listen to me. Typical me, I would rather ignore the feelings than talking about it again and again. I know the only way for me to be better is to forgive and forget. But until now I am not able to do that. I don't even know why. I am so full of anger and disappointment. If only I don't control my emotion, I would have killed a person or maybe more. 

It is nearly the end of the semester, the thought of ending my final semester is all in one.  I am happy that I can finally escape from this shitty Shah Alam but at the same time I'll be leaving the place where I found awesome people in my life. In fact, the people here remind me so much on the real value of friendship. Some of the people here have been with me since forever and some for only a short period but they have been like a family to me ever since. Thank God for letting these people into my life. As much as a bitter person I am, they still accept me and always there so be my back bone here in Shah Alam. I don't have to mention their name here, enough to let people know how much I appreciate these people in life. Buttttt at the same time I am not fond of staying much longer here with all the things happening around me. I can't even tell what makes me feel all these discomfort, but really, I wish I don't have to go through all these much longer. You know what, just get me out of here. End.

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